Hey, Welcome to my website. I’m Pablo a Web developer, gentleman and a scholar. I have been doing web development since 2007 when I was in college and have been building and working on many different websites since. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on Network and Security.

My web development experience is on the PHP side. I work on a full stack LAMP environtment using PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS. Most sites I have built have been on the WordPress CMS where I have built custom themes and custom plugins. I have also worked on a MVC with CodeIgniter and built sites from scratch. I have done simple personal sites as well is big corporate sites. I have worked on a variety of projects from Google Map locators to Rental platforms.

Aside from web development I have create a few Android apps. One was for a personal project in school and the other I have released in the Android Market.

I am always up for a new challenge and enjoy learning from new projects and from teammates.

A little about me

I love traveling, I have been traveling my whole life! I was born in Utah, but lived 13 years in Latin American countries: 5 years in Bolivia, 1 year in Mexico, 5 years in Peru and 2 years in Argentina. Currently my wife and I are working and traveling through Europe. With my ability to work online we figured why not work online as we travel? So here we are currently in Europe working and enjoying all Europe has to offer.